Dodgers jump in pool: Diamondbacks fans fuming over Dodgers dip in pool after win

PHOENIX - It's not necessarily the win, it's the celebration that has Arizona Diamondbacks fans fuming.

After beating the D-backs 7-6 and clinching the team's first NL West title since 2009, the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated on the field and then headed to the clubhouse for some champagne.

But apparently, the champagne wasn't enough! The entire Dodgers team (or at least it looked like it) ran out of the clubhouse, across the field and into the pool at Chase Field.

Diamondbacks infielder Willie Bloomquist said it was disrespectful.

"I think it's tired and disrespectful. It's surprising because they have a lot of veteran guys on that team that I thought were classier than that." 

While adding that they deserved to win the division, Bloomquist still wasn't happy with the celebration.

"There's a fine line between going overboard at someone else's place and doing that. But what are we going to do about it? There's not much we can do about it now. They've clinched the division this year, but if that's how they're going to act and be classless, that's their gig, that's their clubhouse. I just think it's disrespectful and classless."

Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall seemingly agreed, saying, "I could say it was disrespectful and classless, but they don't have a beautiful pool at their old ballpark and probably wanted to see what one was like."

Diamondbacks pitcher, Brandon McCarthy had a different take on it, tweeting after the game, "Celebrating is fun. I don't care how and where you do it. Only thing to care about is what we need to do to celebrate in our pool next year."

Regardless of how the players and coaches respond, it will likely add plenty of fuel to the rivalry that already exists between these two teams.

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