Do the Arizona Cardinals have a quarterback question? (BLOG)

Do the Cardinals have a quarterback question? Yes, brace yourself because it's a loaded question of sorts. 

I mean, even the question itself begets a question. As in, can you ask it? Is it legit?  

Well, here at the Paulie Pigskin Report, our answer depends on the time frame. Long term – do the Cardinals have a franchise quarterback question? Yes. 

In fact, hitting the zoom out button, don't be surprised if that need is addressed in the NFL Draft this April.  Then again, that will be dictated by the Cards draft position, which will be determined in large part by the performance of the players currently manning the QB position.

Which brings us back to real-time and whether the Cards currently have a question mark at quarterback? No. 

Of course, that's not according to reporters, who keep asking the question in various ways.  

However, the steadfast refusal to acknowledge the inquiry as a pertinent question comes from the person fielding the question – Bruce Arians. 

And there's no question, the Cards' Head Coach has done a stellar job of doing what the Cards' offensive line has failed to do at critical times – protect the quarterback.

"That's who Bruce is," said starting quarterback Carson Palmer when asked about Arians continuing to show unflagging support. "He's going to fight for his guys; he's going to fight for his locker room. You show fight for him, he'll show it back for you. I think that's who he's been probably his whole career."    

That doesn't mean the Cards' coaching staff isn't looking for more production out of the quarterback position.  It just means the Cards aren't looking to name a new starter under center – for now. 

To wit, when Arians was asked what ails the offense, he pointed the finger directly at the guy with the play sheet in his hands. 

"I'd probably blame the play calling," Arians stated before breaking into a wry smile. "I'm going to stick with it." 

Arians calls the plays. And he calls players' numbers. Entering Sunday's game against the Falcons, he's still calling Carson Palmer's number.

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