Lebron James, free agent: Could Lebron James join the Phoenix Suns?

Dream Team or pipe dream?  That is the question for the Phoenix Suns now that LeBron James has opted out of the last two years of his Miami Heat contract. 

Can the team that won 48 games last year and (barely) missed the playoffs take the next step this offseason via the NBA Draft and free agency?  

Or, better yet, can the Suns hit the fast-forward button and immediately advance to the ranks of the NBA elite by signing…wait for it… King James? 

As a marketing manager for a pro sports agency representing NBA players tweeted out:  “(Eric) Bledsoe and LeBron (James) trying to link somewhere is something I'd keep my eye on too…” 

Is it possible that LeBron James signs with the Suns?  Sure.  Technically, it’s possible.  The Suns have the salary cap room and presumably the willingness to pay the four-time NBA MVP the maximum contract. 

But is it truly do-able and feasible to consider LeBron might land on Planet Orange?  Well, beyond the connection to Eric Bledsoe, who’s a restricted free agent himself, the Suns can hit the rewind button back to February when LeBron turned the Suns practice court into his personal All-Star Dunk Contest

Not only did LeBron make himself at home and then make headlines with rim-rattling dunks in front of the ABC15 cameras but, during our interview following his dunk session, James went out of his way to compliment Suns head coach Jeff Hornacek. Watch the video in the player above.

“Probably one of the best and surprising teams of the year so far,” said James, who averaged 27.1 points this past season.   “Coach Hornacek has done a great job with those guys in motivating those guys every night.”

“They got a good mix between young guys and veteran guys.  And they’ve been playing some extreme basketball.” 

Dear LeBron – the truly extreme basketball will start July 1st, when you’re eligible to sign with any team. 


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