Arizona Cardinals RB Ryan Williams calls shoulder injury 'a good thing'

CHANDLER, AZ - Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt dropped a bombshell Monday when he said running back Ryan Williams will be out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury.

ABC15 caught up with Williams at the Cardinals "Kingpin Challenge" in Chandler where the running back is focusing on the positive.

"This will be a good thing for my knee and for my whole body just to recover like it should be," Williams said. "So next year I won't be waking up feeling like I'm 60 years old everyday."   

Williams suffered a season-ending injury last year against the Green Bay Packers in pre-season.

"It just sucks that I have to leave again for another season but I always try to look at the positive outlook and I really believe in myself and I'm confident in myself and my abilities," he said. "I know what I'm capable of regardless of what anybody else feels and I'm out to prove it and I will prove it."

Williams' teammate and Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb told ABC15, "It's tough, especially with a guy who's come through some things after New England, and started playing well. He found a rhythm and I think a big thing for a running back is finding rhythm, especially for a young running back. I had high hopes for him this year, but he's a tough kid and we're all behind him and we know he'll come back and do great things next year."

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