Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb on the mend after rib injury

PHOENIX - Kevin Kolb and his wife Whitney welcomed their third daughter, Saylor, into the world back on September 27th, but after suffering an injury to his ribs and sternum against the Buffalo Bills, things at home have been difficult for the Cardinals quarterback.

"At home, you have a baby and then you get hurt a few days later. You probably can't even pick up the baby, huh?" ABC15's Craig Fouhy asked Kolb at his "Pass it 4Ward" news conference.

"I can this last weekend. I finally could," Kolb replied. "But a funny story, my wife, as soon as I got hurt, she didn't say 'How are ya?' Instead, she said, 'Oh great, now I have four kids.'"

While Kolb was stuck nursing his injury, his family members stuck around to help out.

"My mom and dad stuck around a while and drove me around, so it's been a big change up there in the last week," Kolb said.

Kolb said that after an injury like that, the first week is all about healing and rest. So now he's getting back into a routine.

"I'm doing good," Kolb said. "The first eight days were painful, I'm not gonna lie. Just can't sleep in your bed, can't drive to work, those kind of things, but the last three or four days, I've got really good motion coming back... I can get out there and I can really push this thing and try to get back as soon as possible."

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