Cardinals, Coyotes part of worst sports franchises of all-time list

Are the Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Coyotes the worst sports franchises of all time?

We may not think so in Arizona, but according to GQ Magazine the Cardinals and Coyotes organizations are the worst sports franchises of ALL TIME.

GQ created the list and considered all professional franchises. Their top 20 list shows the most disappointing and frustrating teams in sports history.

The Arizona Cardinals just made the list at #19.

According to GQ, "The Cardinals have been so bad, for so long that they could be at the top of the list, but they're just "too marginal, too irrelevant."  

They also raised the question, "Have you ever met an Arizona Cardinals fan?"

If you think that review is bad…the Coyotes review isn't any better.

The Coyotes made the list at #11.

"Moving from Winnipeg to Phoenix is great if you're a retiree, but for a hockey franchise, it's basically a death sentence," GQ said.

GQ cited the Coyotes bankruptcy and forcing the NHL to sell the team as being so high on the list.

Are the Cardinals and Coyotes really that bad? Let us know in the comments below.


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