Cardinals Carson Palmer sits down 1-on-1 in an ABC15 Sports Sunday exclusive interview

PHOENIX - As the saying goes, you can typically tell a lot about a person during a round of golf.  

So I raised that topic to Carson Palmer, an avid golfer, and the Cardinals new starting quarterback did agree that at least one word carries over from the tee box to the line of scrimmage – "aggressive."  

In turn, Palmer says that mindset matches the play-calling style of new Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians. 

"You got to be aggressive in this game," Palmer said during our sit-down interview for ABC15 Sports. "There's a handful of teams that win with defense, but a lot of teams, the teams that win, are the teams that are aggressive."

And, to hear Palmer tell it, that definitely shouldn't be a problem for the Cardinals offense this season. 

"You go for touchdowns and not field goals. And you try to attack defenses and throw the ball down the field," Palmer continued. "I think that's one thing that Coach Arians has had a ton of success doing – being on the offensive and always being an up-tempo, attack-style offense."

When it comes to the various media reports since his trade from the Raiders, Palmer also made a distinction between a couple of descriptive labels that I brought up during our interview. 

Specifically, Palmer feels it's important to note that his scouting report should state that he's an "experienced QB, not an old QB."

"Being in my 11th year, that's not that old for a quarterback," Palmer said. "You hear the word ‘old' and it gets kind of scary. I think I'm experienced."

As for whether the Cardinals offense caters to his skill set? Palmer says that's not even a question.

"I think it's a really good fit … the personnel we have really fits our scheme," Palmer said. "I think the way Coach Arians calls games, just by seeing what he does on film in past games and seeing the way he calls practice, I really think it's going to fit my style of play."

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