Bud Light ranks Arizona Cardinals fans as 2nd most superstitious in the NFL

According to a survey by Bud Light, the Arizona Cardinals have the second most superstitious fan base in the NFL.

The survey, which gathered opinions from nearly 10,000 NFL fans over the summer, found the Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals, and New Orleans Saints had the most superstitious fan bases out of the 32 NFL teams.

In addition to this, the findings show that Cardinals fans are the most likely to wear an unwashed jersey to support their team while the New Orleans Saints are most likely to engage in superstitious activity every game.

The online quantitative survey questioned NFL fans 21 and older. The superstition level of each NFL fan base was calculated based on each fan's game-day habits, which were aggregated into a score from 0 to 100.

For the complete survey results, visit the official website .

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