Brenda Warner, wife of former Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner, talks about faith, family, love

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - In her wildest dreams growing up in Iowa, Brenda Warner, wife to former NFL and Cardinals star Kurt Warner, never imagined her family would turn out so big. 

The two have seven children today. Brenda had two prior to meeting Kurt and together they have five more.

All those kids mean never a dull moment for the Warners. 

"It's a challenge, I mean I was a United States Marine but that was nothing like what motherhood is like. With the five at home now, there's something all the time going on, and somebody's mad, somebody's crying, somebody's happy," Warner says.

Home sweet home, and Brenda wouldn't want it any other way.

Family and God are everything to her. 

She knows all too well that life is not easy.  Her parents both died in a tornado 15 years ago. 

"It shakes you, it shakes what you believe in, so you better know what you believe in," Warner cautions.  

Brenda and Kurt believe strongly in Jesus. He is the foundation of their relationship.

When she's not at home, Brenda is traveling the country with Women Of Faith, helping other women get to know God's love as well.  

Brenda's oldest child, Zachary, is always there on the road with her. He was accidentally dropped by his biological father prior to meeting Kurt.

"Our lives changed forever. It resulted in traumatic brain injury and blindness" Warner says.   

Now 23, Zachary is perhaps her greatest lesson in love.  

"He just loves, he just flat out loves. There is such joy in every simple thing that I rush by or don't take the time," Warner explains.

He's lived with the family until recently when they realized that at 23 he needs a place to call his own, where people just like him who are dealing with physical or mental challenges are surrounded by peers.

After an extensive search that started here in the Valley and ended up being nationwide, they found that place for Zach.

"It has been a year now and it's made a difference in Zach's life because he does have peers," Warner says. "He wakes up excited about life and that's a new stage for us."

A tough stage, though, for their family.

They see Zach often, but want him there every day. So her next mission, in the next year she would like to create that level of care and that community of friendship for Zach and others like him, right here in Arizona.

"I want to build one, here in the Valley. I have a dream of calling it Treasure House because where your treasure is, your heart is," Warner says.

For Brenda and Kurt Warner their heart is full of family, faith, and love. 

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