BLOG: What are the Suns waiting for?

PHOENIX - Raise your hand if you're prone to procrastinating. (I'd raise my arm, but it's tough to type one-handed). 

Come on, be honest. Whether it's your taxes or that term paper, people procrastinate. Why do something now, when it can obviously wait until needed – right? 

Now, that's not exactly a motivational saying that Alvin Gentry would eagerly scribble on his coaching grease board…but it sure does describe the Phoenix Suns this season. 

So far, in eight games, the Suns have trailed by double-digits in five of them. Against Cleveland, the Suns trailed by 26 points. Yet, the Suns won the game and have started the season with a .500 record (4-4). 

When I pondered this slow-start question with Marcin Gortat earlier this week, he immediately contended that it's a team issue. As in, the Suns must bring the effort and intensity with every single player on the floor. Simply put, the Suns just aren't talented enough to have any number of players going through the motions.    

Let the clutch out and shift into top gear. Go from zero-to-48 (minutes) with the throttle wide-open. Otherwise, the head coach might open up the hood and start tinkering with the manner in which the Suns have been starting games. Namely, the starting lineup – eventually.   

"I don't want to start just plugging guys in-and-out, in-and-out, in-and-out," Coach Gentry said after morning shoot-around. "Maybe after 10 games, 12 games or something we'll decide that this is just not going to work this way and we'll try something differently. But I don't want to just pull the plug on some guys right away and start sticking guys in-and-out."

So, what exactly was on Coach Gentry's grease board before the Bulls game? "First one to 100." Exactly. Hit the gas and don't downshift. Just as important, don't get left at the starting line.   

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