Ryan Braun is NOT a role model (BLOG)

Ryan Braun! Just a year and a half ago, Braun was here in Phoenix claiming victory over a false performance enhancing drug test that he said was poorly handled. At that time, Braun claimed he was completely innocent, that he had never cheated and never used PED's.

On Monday, he apologized saying that "he's not perfect but he finally realizes that he's made some mistakes ." Really Ryan? You really think so?

You know what amazes me? It's the fact that players still think they can get away with it! In this day and age, with all the cameras and cell phones and emails that constantly circulate, players are still dumb enough to think they can sneak some drugs without anyone noticing!

Well, Monday, Ryan Braun found out that sooner or later, you're going to get caught! The trouble is, with guys like Braun and Rodriguez, we can't trust anyone anymore. And that's a shame for our kids who are growing up idolizing these guys and making them bigger than life!

Shame on you Ryan Braun!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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