Blog: Is John Junker just the fall guy?

After all that's transpired, the Fiesta Bowl's former top executive, John Junker has decided to plead guilty .

For what? For reimbursing employees after making political contributions?

I have just one question for you ... who cares?

Seriously, the total amount of the donations was about $48,000 over a nine-year period! That's a little over $5,000 a year in a business that spends millions every year on its bowl game and those involved.

Each team's Fiesta Bowl payout is more than $17 million a year and we're squabbling over $5,000 a year? Come on!

Big business, lobbyists and bowl games spend millions every year lavishing congressmen and supporters with gifts, trips and dinners.

And we're concerned about $48,000?

Did you notice how all the BCS and Fiesta Bowl big wigs disappeared when this all came to light?

The dinners, the golf outings, the football trips and the gifts were quickly forgotten.          

Funny how nobody seemed to care too much while the money was flowing and life was great with the Fiesta Bowl.

Now Junker is the fall guy over $48,000.

Look, I'm not siding with Junker, or saying that what he did was okay. I'm just puzzled over $48,000 being the straw that broke the camel's back.

That's Fouhy on sports!

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