BLOG: Hey Carson Palmer, stop throwing interceptions!

PHOENIX, AZ - If you're wondering why the Cardinals are struggling, look no further than number 3 on your roster, Carson Palmer!

As we approach the mid-point of the season, Palmer is currently ranked 31st in the NFL with a quarterback rating of 69.3. To give you some perspective, Peyton Manning has a quarterback rating of 128.8! That's a whole lot better than Palmer's 69.3.

He's ranked second in interceptions thrown with 11 and he's ranked 22nd in the league in completion percentage, completing 59.3 percent of his passes.

We've even heard coach Bruce Arians say the Cardinals need to cut down on turn-overs! What's that say about your performance when the coach says, "We have to stop throwing interceptions."

Well, if number 3 can stop throwing the ball to the other team, the Cardinals do have an outside shot at beating the Seahawks in this Thursday night NFC West showdown!

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