BLOG: Glendale must vote 'yes' on Coyotes deal

PHOENIX - The City of Glendale has backed itself into a corner. Let's face it, the city is now between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the Phoenix Coyotes. At this point, the city has simply run out of options!

Tuesday, July 2 is quickly approaching and the city has but one option: VOTE to keep the Coyotes at Arena! Honestly, what else can it do?

I realize it may be a tough decision financially, but how much more difficult is it going to be if the arena closes its doors and restaurants and bars at Westgate go belly up?

If the NHL pulls out and the Coyotes leave, how much more difficult will it be for Glendale to attract future Super Bowls, NCAA Final Four basketball tournaments and other major sporting events?

If the Coyotes leave after just 10 years in Glendale, won't that leave Glendale with a pretty ugly "black-eye?" After all, the city couldn't attract a buyer after four long years and a long list of suitors!

I'm not sure of all the inner workings in the Glendale city offices, but I do know this: Glendale has just one option in my opinion. VOTE YES Tuesday night and keep the Coyotes playing at Arena for the next 15 years! Oh, and help keep Westgate Mall alive and thriving!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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