BLOG: Diamondbacks playing games off the field?

Are the D-backs playing games off the field? That’s what the agent for top pitching prospect Archie Bradley contends. 

"I think it's very apparent what is going on in Arizona," Jay Franklin said in an interview with

If it was up to the agent, Bradley’s big league career would already be under way and the service clock would be ticking sooner, rather than later, on eventual free agency. 

To be specific, his preference would’ve been earlier this week. Instead, the D-backs called up 26-year-old Mike Bolsinger to replace struggling Trevor Cahill, who was sent to the bullpen after an awful start to the season (0-4, 9.17 ERA).

"Every ballplayer that is playing minor league baseball works his tail off to get an opportunity to play in the big leagues,” Franklin added. 

Thing is, the D-backs general manager doesn’t see it that way.  In fact, he views keeping Bradley at Triple-A Reno as being in the best interest of the 21-year-old flame thrower who did struggle with his command during Spring Training.

“(Archie) needs more time down there and I don’t think it’s a proper environment for him right now with what’s going on with our ball club (4-12),” Towers told the media when asked why Bradley hasn’t been promoted to the big league roster. 

“I think throwing him in here he’d be viewed as a savior.  Here he comes and I don’t think it’s the right time,” Towers explained..  “When we’re playing a little better baseball – maybe. But, right now, I don’t want to put that on him.”

Like the agent, D-backs fans will have to remain patient while a struggling starting pitching rotation tries to gain traction before it’s too late. 

"If it gets to the point where we straighten this thing out and it's a more positive environment here and he's throwing the ball well, we'll do it regardless of the clock," said Towers.

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