BLOG: ASU mascot more important than team?

Wow! Just nineteen days ago we were introduced to the "new" Sparky. Today, we're told, the "new" Sparky is out and Sun Devil fans will have a chance to help with the "newest" makeover.

Fans put up such a stink, the athletic department (and the University for that matter) crumbled!

Way to go Sun Devil fans!

When it came to the "new" Sparky, you had zero tolerance. So given your stance on Sparky, I have just one question for you: Why aren't you that passionate about your athletic teams? Why do you stand by and watch Sun Devil teams have mediocre season after mediocre season and do nothing about it?

Don't you think that two trips to the Rose Bowl in thirty-five years is less than average? Wouldn't you agree that six invitations to March Madness in 35 years is pretty mediocre?          

Come on Devil fans! Let's show the same level of passion and expectations for your teams as you do for your mascot!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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