BLOG: Arizona Wildcats coach Sean Miller targeted by Pac-12 officials

Pac-12 stands behind Rush's comments!

Can you believe that PAC-12 coordinator of basketball officials, Ed Rush, actually offered officials a trip to Cancun or a $5,000 reward if they slapped a technical foul on Arizona Coach Sean Miller, or ejected him from a game?

That's what Rush did during this year's PAC-12 basketball tournament in Las Vegas. Prior to the quarterfinal games and then again, prior to the semifinal games, Rush told his crew that a technical against Miller was worth Five Grand or a trip to Cancun!

That's unbelievable! And now that the word is out, PAC-12 Commissioner, Larry Scott, wants us to believe it was all a joke!

Come on Larry! You're better than that! And honestly, from now on, your officials and the Arizona Wildcats simply can't win!

If your guys call a questionable foul against the Cats or one in their favor, Ed Rush's comments are going to be brought up. Repeatedly!

The only sensible thing to do is to fire Ed Rush!

But instead, you're standing behind him, Bottom line Larry, it doesn't matter if it was a joke! It was flat out wrong!

Fire Ed Rush and let's move on!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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