BIG Cardinals fan creates alter ego each week

GLENDALE, AZ - Every game, thousands of Cardinals fans flock to the stadium to support the team.

Many say they're the Cardinals' biggest fan, but there are a select few who go all out to show it.

One of those fans, who we call the Birdman, takes being a fan to another level.

Some fans wear jerseys, others wear hats and others are just more… fanatical.

You may have seen one particular guy in red face paint. He's Pete Zolkiewski and he takes being a Cardinals fan very seriously.

"That was my undertaking, to become the fan, the ultimate fan that I envisioned for this team. I just do what I feel I need to do for the team," Zolkiewski told ABC15.

He makes a major transformation each week to show his team support.

He says it makes him who he is.

"It's never the same every week. It's always something a little bit different," Zolkiewski said.

So next time you're in the parking lot preparing for the game, keep an eye out for those extreme fans who try just a little bit harder.

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