ASU helmet makeover – again?

If only a football team got as much attention as its football helmets. 

Now perhaps this Calvisi Consulting organic observation comes straight out of the upper reaches of the upper deck, but have you noticed the (ultra)(over) reaction any time a team alters its uniform scheme?  

Consequently, since we're an attention seeking species, teams engage in extreme makeovers. Again and again. 

What results is this recent trend of teams constantly tweaking, revising, updating, old schooling, alternating, and fine tuning their uniforms. A constant flow of new/old/alternate uniforms. (Or as my sister-in-law who knows nothing about sports says – a team's "outfits.")

And, sometimes, when a team isn't exactly certain how a uniform will be received, a spy photo will hit the internet. #TrialBalloon.

So, what do you think? This photo comes courtesy of the ASU football department by way of the State Press. A well-placed source tells me these helmets are mock ups that Nike sent to Tempe for review. 

Nobody really asked for our opinion, but that never really stopped us before, right? 

So, here we go: I like the pitchfork. In fact, ever since the redesign debuted, I've shunned the motto "Fear the Fork" for the tag line "More of the Fork." 

Just like the block "A" on the UA Wildcats helmets is too small, it's the same deal with ASU. Hit the enlarge button. "Expand the Fork."

Guess what? Based on this photo, it appears that the Nike uniform engineers were tuned in from the Oregon timberlands. (Hey, maybe Calvisi Consulting will send an invoice after all?!)

Bad news? We can't give the thumbs up to the white helmet. And we won't give our approval, no matter how XXL they make the pitchfork. 

Not as long as the logo appears on a white helmet, which doesn't fit the ASU brand. Besides, when the Devils take the field in those white helmets, the gridiron looks like a driving range with a bunch of Titleists scattering every direction.  

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