Arizona sports by the numbers (BLOG)

Although I'm a sports fan, I'm not a particular fan of numbers. I enjoy games without enjoying the numbers game. ( Crunch numbers? Sure. Just gimme the hammer!) 

In fact, there's a reason that I went the media route midway through college – it's called Calculus. 

However, at times, we make room for what we like to call "Holy Cannoli Stats." As in, numbers that jump off the page and demand our attention.  

And, speaking of numerals, sometimes these things tend to happen in three's. 

To wit, here we go with a trio of mind-bending stats here on this otherwise innocuous Tuesday in the ABC15 sports office...

First, how ‘bout the D-backs. Entering Tuesday night, the Diamondbacks trailed the Dodgers by 12 games in the division with 19 games to play.

That becomes utterly mind-bending when you consider that the D-backs were up 9 1/2 games on LA on June 22, when the Dodgers were dead last in the division.

In case you don't feel like doing the math yourself, that means the Diamondbacks have gone 31-38 while the Dodgers have gone 53-17.

The only win-loss record more splendicular (yes, we're making up words) than the Dodgers over the past 2 1/2 months would be ASU's mark against the Big Ten. With 20th ranked Wisconsin coming to Tempe, it's more than worth noting that ASU is 8-0 all-time at home against Big Ten teams.     

By the way, speaking of the above record, the Pac-12 was 8-0 in nonconference games last week.

Finally, we have a big number for the Big Red. It's a statistic that the Cardinals hope to defy. See, since the 16-game schedule circa 1978, just 23.7% of teams that started 0-1 made the playoffs.   

So you're telling me there's a chance" (Ace Ventura voice) that the Cards make the postseason? Yesss. 23.7 percent, to be exact.

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