Arizona Diamondbacks super fan ready for season opener

PHOENIX - We sent a request to the Arizona Diamondbacks to point us in the direction of their biggest fan, and without hesitation, the team directed us to Frank Gennario.

Gennario grew up a New York Mets fan that lived 20 minutes away from Shea Stadium.

In 1982, he made the move to Arizona and grabbed season tickets to the Diamondbacks when they came into the league in 1998.

"I knew I had to have season tickets and the rest is history," said Gennario.

His family has learned not to schedule something that conflicts with a home game like his daughter's wedding. "I told her if I'm going to pay for the wedding, I need to be there, but if there is a baseball game that day, that is where I will be," said Gennario. As expected, his daughter found another day.

Now, he has two rooms of his house dedicated to the Diamondbacks -- one for their 2001 World Series win over the New York Yankees, and the other to the team itself.

Gennario has been a season ticket holder for 15 years and has only missed one game. The D-backs have played in 1,234 games and he has attended 1,233 of those.  

The only game Gennario missed happened when his grandson died.  His kids pushed him to go to the game, but Gennario refused.

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