Arizona Cardinals Ryan Williams inspired by Kevin Kolb speech

GLENDALE, AZ - Cardinals running back Ryan Williams spoke exclusively to Craig Fouhy after Sunday's 27-6 win over the Philadelphia Eagles about rebounding from his fumble against the Patriots the week before.

"I made a promise to myself after that fumble on our ride back here that I was gonna do everything that I needed to do to be the guy that the team wanted me to be," Williams said.

That included spending 20-minutes a day running on the treadmill while he carried a football. He would switch the ball between hands every two-minutes to make sure he was fundamentally sound.

"If there's two-minutes left and they want me to run the clock down, then I have to run the clock down. No mistakes."

But it was Cardinals quarterback, Kevin Kolb, that gave Williams the motivation he needed to move on from that fumble.

"He came to me, 'cause I had said to a reporter earlier that I feel like I wasn't making plays like they wanted me to. I wasn't living up to the expectation that they had for me. So Kevin Kolb said, 'Hey, how do you think I feel? You know, you come out, home team and your home fans boo you.' He was like, 'They pay you so much and you can't make the plays that they want you to make, so how do you think I feel?' He was like, 'You wanna know how I felt after that first game when we won against Seattle? I felt good.' He was like, 'Nobody second guessin' what you do, you came back from a career ending injury. Monday, let that go, wash it out, let's go play Philly.'"

"He left the locker room and that plays on my mind every day because I know I'm not the only one that's ever been through this. And he's doin' a heck of a job now. So I tell Kevin before every game we play, 'You lead, we follow,' and that's what we do."

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