Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald travels to Rwanda to give out free hearing aids

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, proves he’s more than just a talented football player – he traveled to Rwanda this week to give out over 1,400 hearing aids to people in need.

Fitzgerald worked with the Starkey Hearing Foundation for two days of a weeklong tour that will likely donate more than 2,200 hearing aids to Rwanda’s citizens, according to a foundation press release.

This wasn’t Fitzgerald’s first time working with the agency. He’s been helping them out since 2007 and has gone on missions to India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Uganda and Tanzania, the organization says.

The staff at Starkey fits each patient with a custom ear mold, batteries and advice for how to operate the machines, all free of charge. The foundation provides more than 100,000 hearing aids each year to people in need around the world, according to the press release.

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