Larry Fitzgerald to retire as a Cardinal, according to team managers

PHOENIX - Is Larry Fitzgerald about to become the face of another franchise in the NFL? As in, gulp, no longer an Arizona Cardinal?

The media speculation that started in force on Sunday says it's "somewhere between possible and inevitable." Ask the Cardinals front office and they're about as blunt as a cop at a crime scene – there's nothing to see here.   

"Larry Fitzgerald is a guy who's going to go down as one of the all-time greats," General Manager Steve Keim told ABC15 Sports on Monday. "It is our intent for Larry to retire a Cardinal."

Whew. That was close. Then again, the Cardinals realize that pro football can always be considered a numbers game.  Crunch those numbers and a pair of figures are staring the Big Red right in the facemask – Larry's age (30) and his cap number ($18 million next season). 

"It's a commitment we made to Larry when we redid his deal," Keim continued. "He is one of the faces of our franchise and a guy we feel very good about."

What's more, the Cardinals are in the hunt. With a .500 record (4-4) heading into the bye week before the second half of the season, they're looking forward to a healthy Fitz and a much more manageable schedule than originally anticipated.

Now, if the offense can figure out a way to showcase Larry Legend of AZ, who just became the youngest ever to reach 800 career receptions.

"Obviously, we have to do a better job on our end trying to get him the football," Keim said. "As I said earlier today, it is our intent for Larry to retire a Cardinal."

Attention NFL (and ESPN):  "No Fitz for You!"   

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