Arizona Cardinals fans not giving up just yet

Fans say team NEEDS new QB

It was a rough day for the Arizona Cardinals AND their fans after the Seattle Seahawks obliterated the team 58-0.

This marks the 9th loss in a row for the team, which can't seem to find their groove. 

Here's the good news, Arizona Cardinals fans aren't abandoning the team just yet. But, they say there's one obvious problem. The team needs to draft a new quarterback.

"Kolb is really hurt, I mean really hurt, he can barely walk. And then you've got the young kid. He's young, he hasn't really had a whole lot of reps. Skelton has been in and out and in and out and he really can't find his way either. So, I hope they draft a quarterback," said Cardinals fan, JD Dorfman.

"The bad thing is the Seattle Seahawks taking shots at the end zone in the 4th quarter, when they're up 50 something to nothing. That's on Pete Carroll," said Cards fan, William Ludington.

"We couldn't try to make anything happen. It's sad to be a Cardinals fan," said James Fox.

One bright spot amidst Sunday's tragic game: the Washington Redskins still hold the title for the "Worst Loss in NFL History."  They lost to the Chicago Bears 73-0 on October 8, 1940.

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