Arizona Cardinals' decision to fire John Lott a huge mistake! (BLOG)

PHOENIX, AZ - If there’s one thing you can be sure of in sports, it’s that coaches are hired to be fired! In fact, there are two kinds of coaches; those who have been fired and those who are going to be fired!

Cardinal’s strength coach john Lott is now in that first category. All because he didn’t have a history with Coach Bruce Arians!

And from what I’ve seen so far, if you don’t have a previous connection with Arians, you’re not going to be around long.

And you know what’s sad? John Lott is a great strength coach! Just take a look at this list of accomplishments in his seven year’s here with Arizona:

  1. When he arrived, the Cardinals had never won a division title in Arizona. The Cardinals won two with John Lott in the weight room.
  2. Cardinals made their only trip to the Super Bowl with Lott in the weight room.
  3. Seven seasons and only two losing seasons.
  4. When Lott arrived he had about 15 players who participated in team off-season work-outs. Now you’re an outcast if you don’t show up for off-season training with coach Lott.
  5. Lott introduced the Rookies to hiking Camelback Mountain.
  6. The Cardinals broke the NFL record for Overtime wins in a season at four.
  7. Helped Future Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner shed a few pounds and get physically stronger at a much older age than most starting QB’s in the league.
  8. Warner guided the Cardinals to two division titles and a trip to the Super Bowl.
  9. Following John Lott’s strength program, Darnell Dockett power cleaned 405 lbs. four times on the Wednesday before the Super Bowl. Dockett went on to set a Super Bowl record with three sacks against the Steelers.
  10. Helped Larry Fitzgerald grow into the player that he is.
  11. Established a “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT” football camp for kids at his local Church, “The Grove”. That Church is now in the process of building a new locker room/weight room next to the soccer stadium that’s named after Lott in Malawi, Africa.
  12. Church members, players, coaches and others have donated thousands of shoes and nets for men, women and children.

John Lott is so well respected that he runs the Bench Press at the annual NFL Combine in Indianapolis and players have been outspoken about their support for him and his methods.

Unfortunately, coach Arians wasn’t interested in those things! He seems to be far more interested in where he coached with you before and if you’re an old friend.

It’s sad to say good-bye to John Lott, but again, that seems to be the only constant in sports.  John Lott will definitely be missed in this community!

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