Alex Rodriguez needs a reality check (BLOG)

A-Rod's attorney says they'll fight any suspension or banishment from baseball through the appeals process. He also says, Alex wants to play in the majors again and that's his primary focus. REALLY?

That's your primary focus? Every bit of evidence points to a guilty verdict and now, Major League Baseball says it has evidence that Rodriguez even tried to recruit other athletes to the Biogenesis clinic, while A-Rod tells us his primary focus is on playing again?

Come on Alex! Wake up and smell the coffee! Rodriguez's attorney says he'll be able to play during the appeals process, but don't you think baseball has other ideas? Like, making an example out of him!

I have just one comment for Alex Rodriguez! You're acting like an idiot! You're already worth more than $300 million and you cheated every step of the way to get it! It's time to just walk away!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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