Al McCoy enters his 41st season as the 'Voice of the Suns'

At 79-years-old, Al McCoy has entered his 41st season as the "Voice of the Phoenix Suns."

During radio broadcasts, you'll recognize his famous catch phrases like, "Shazam!" when a player hits a three-pointer, or "Heartbreak Hotel!" after the Suns miss an easy shot or lose a close game.

In some years past, McCoy didn't travel to East Coast games, but this year he plans to call the entire season. "I did all the games last year also," McCoy said.

As someone who's been with the team for more than four-decades, he's seen his share of ups and downs. 

As we all look ahead, this season poses a number of questions. In fact, we're still waiting to find out who will become the team's breakout star.

"Well, they're all potential stars," McCoy said. "Even after the first couple of games, there's still a lot of 'What ifs?' in this ballclub. What if Goran Dragic can become the point guard we feel he can be? What if Michael Beasley really reaches out with the talent that he has? So if any of those 'What ifs' start to materialize, they could surprise a lot of people."

Fans were use to Steve Nash and Grant Hill as the face of the team in years past. Now, Jared Dudley has become the guy everyone is turning to when it comes to leading the Suns. McCoy isn't surprised by this. He sees how Dudley has improved his game since joining the Suns. "In one of our pre-season games, he had 25 points in 25 minutes, and he has really stepped into that role of being a leader in this ballclub."

As for Steve Nash, McCoy wishes him the best, but still can't find it in his heart to root for the former Suns guard. "They're [Lakers] a work in progress over there, and gee, I feel bad for them," he laughed. "I feel real bad."

However, he did say, "Everybody loves Steve. He had an incredible career here. A two-time MVP, there's no question about it that he's one of the greatest players and greatest guys to ever grace a Suns uniform, but he's with the bad guys now. That's the problem!"

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