ABC15 goes inside Kurt Warner's massive Scottsdale home

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Kurt Warner is a household name around the Valley, but for the first time, his wife Brenda opened their 18,000-square-foot home to show off how their family relaxes in style.


I went on a personal tour of the Warners' Scottsdale home, getting an inside look at their expansive kitchen, inviting living room, and even the NFL-style field in their backyard!

"It feels like it was built for us," Brenda says of the huge abode, perfect for the couple's seven children. "I realized I need to have some space, and I realized that [the kids] need some space. Kurt and I can have date night in part of the house and the kids don't even know we're here!"

Brenda also showed off a wall of photographs of the kids -- a combination of the two things she loves.

"I just know I can capture those looks that a photographer coming from the outside might not be able to, so I take that opportunity."

After stopping by the kitchen where Brenda admits she "tries" to cook, we head for the home's real selling point -- the unbeatable backyard.

With an in-ground trampoline, shimmering pool, basketball court, and (not surprisingly) an NFL-style football field, it's clear why this house fits the family perfectly.

"It's fun out here! This is what we do," Brenda admits.


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