49ers Colin Kaepernick tops NFL best-selling Jersey list, no Cardinals in top 25

PHOENIX - Are you kidding? Forty-niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick has the best selling jersey in the last three months and Seattle's Russell Wilson has the second best seller?

Come on Cardinal fans! Where's Larry Fitzgerald?

Look, I had no problem with the best-selling jersey list while Robert Griffin III was at the top, but Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson? That's two, count ‘em, two NFC West opponents!

Kaepernick with San Francisco and Wilson with Seattle!

What's going on here? Where's Larry, where's Carson Palmer, where's Daryl Washington?

The latest data was just released by www.nflshop.com and Kaepernick tops the list, followed by Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning. In all, seven quarterbacks in the top 10, but not one Arizona Cardinal in the top 25!

Come on Phoenix, that is unacceptable! Support your team! Let's get Larry, Carson, or heck, even Darnell on that list!

Step up and make it happen! Training camp starts next Friday for goodness' sake so we're running out of time!

Just do it!

Oh wait, Nike makes the new NFL jerseys and that kind of sounds like a commercial pitch!

My bad!

That's Fouhy on Sports!

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