Small Stars: The undefeated Rams play to win

GILBERT, AZ - This week's Small Stars are the undefeated Rams.

The team has struck fear into their opponents week after week with their intense style of play.

They run the ball. They throw the ball. And they certainly don't think you can stop them.

But there's one name on the roster that you should remember.

Donovan Gaiten is a high impact running back for the Rams who's not afraid to tell you how good he is... Don't believe me? Just ask him!

"I'm the best running back in the world so you should understand that other running backs out there," he said.

That's some big talk. You've got to be putting up some pretty big numbers. How many touchdowns do you have so far?

"Actually, too many to count," Donovan told me.

But the Rams aren't just running the ball... They've got a serious aerial attack strategy. It's called Cail.

Cail is actually the team's quarterback. He's able to throw the deep ball with ease, making the game look so simple.

"It's a game of chess. If somebody does something wrong, the quarterback changes it," he said.

When the guys aren't bragging about their football skills, they're showing off their touchdown dance moves.

Keep it up Rams! And congratulations on being this week's Small Stars.


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