Small Stars: The Twins take on the White Sox in T-ball

It was a battle in the East Valley between the White Sox and the Twins in a hard sliding, quick running, fast paced baseball game.

Luke showed off his sliding skills when he scored a run for the Twins, but the White Sox countered that one with a slide into first.

Tough pitching got the best of Jake at the plate.  Four strikes and then he hit a monster ball into left. 

The White Sox were in control early on.  Camden got a hit off the tee to score two runs, and that left Zach playing in the dirt at second base.  Not much to do when you're on defense and the ball just isn't coming your way.

But the Twins make it a game in the late innings.  Camryn got a hit off the tee and was safe at first.  Next batter with a big hit to score three runs.

And everyone was a winner in this one.

If you know of a Small Star, let us know about it.


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