Small Stars: 'Strikers' play ball in Gilbert

Put up the umbrellas, warm up those arms, take a few grounders, grab your bat and get in some batting practice.

It's time for some Small Stars softball at the Mesquite Junior High School ball fields in Gilbert.

Only this time around, we have a first for Small Stars: both teams have the same nickname, both teams are the "Strikers."

Thursday, it's the "blue" strikers against the "purple" strikers in the final game of the regular season. And there seems to be a little disagreement over which team actually had the name first. The blue team says they've had it for years, while the purple team says they came up with the name prior to the season.

But no matter, it's still softball on a beautiful Saturday morning in May.

While we had an easier time counting the strike outs and the hits, there was still plenty of action between these two teams and when the final out was tallied, both teams agreed they had a great time.

Congratulations "blue" strikers and "purple" strikers, you're this weeks' Small Stars!

If you know of a Small Star, let us know on our website, our Facebook page or via twitter.

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