Small Stars: Scooter riders hit Valley parks

Head to any neighborhood skate park and you’ll likely see something you may not have expected!

Scooters, and plenty of ‘em! Just ask twelve year old Tony and his friend Andrew. “It's growing”, Tony says, There's usually a lot of scooter riders at the parks that I go to and there's a lot of scooter riders here most of the time.” Andrew agrees, “I don't know, it's just something, you now, it's fun, it's getting into it like, skating's in and now it's starting to be scootering.”

So I have to ask, why are scooters growing in popularity?

Tony’s quick to respond, “It's fun, just 'cause it's something different that most people don't do but it's growing and getting bigger and bigger.”

So Tony, what is about the scooter that makes it so much fun? “It's fun landing the tricks and stuff.”

Okay then Andrew, the bigger question is, is it hard to do? “It's pretty hard. People just look at it and say it's really easy, but then you actually try it and like, you saw the flips and stuff, so.”

Oh, I saw the tricks you guys are doing and it certainly doesn’t look easy. Not by a long shot!

By the way, what do you call some of those tricks you’re doing out there? Andrew steps up to quickly answer, “Main one is like a tail whip, we got Bri flips, um, 360's, 360 tail whips, um, inward Bri's, and bar spins, that's just like main.”

Cool Andrew, but how long does it take to learn some of those tricks? “For like a Bri flip, like, maybe a week, maybe, but it depends on like what your learning rate is so, took me about a week maybe two.”

I’m thinking X-Games here, are there competitions out there for you guys? “There's competitions that we can go to”, Tony tells me. “That me and my friend go to and a lot of other kids go to.”

 So how are you judged at those competitions? “Do tricks and style and like use of the park.”

So Tony, can you make a career out of this sport? “There's like a lot of famous people that are sponsored by companies and they get to like travel around the world and do competitions.”

So I’m assuming that’s something you’d like to do one day? “Yeah.”

Ok then, I have to ask, does it hurt when you fall? “Oh yeah, it hurts when you fall,” Andrew says. “I haven’t broken a bone yet, but like I've landed on my knees when I'm not wearing knee pads and that kind of stuff.”

Congratulations guys, you and your scooter buddies are this week’s Small Stars!

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