Small Stars: Rams football has talent to contend with

The Rams have struck fear into their opponents week after week with their intense style of play.

They run the ball, they throw the ball and they don't think you can stop them. And there's one name on their roster you should probably remember: Donovan. 

He's a high intensity, high impact running back and he's not afraid to tell you how good he is. Just ask him.

"I'm the best running back in the world, so you should understand that other running backs out there," he said.

He even has too many touchdowns this season to count and says he's better than the NFL's Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch.

But the Rams aren't just about running the ball. Their aerial attack is outstanding.

"Over there is the best quarterback you could ever have," Donovan told us pointing over to Cail. He has quite an arm, being able to throw the deep ball with ease, just making the game look so simple.

"It's a game of chess. If somebody does something wrong, the quarterback changes it," Cail said. "If I see somebody shorter on my tall receiver, maybe say Chandler, I'll tell him to run a go and he just jumps up and gets it."                      

While Cail continued to spill the secrets to their offense, his teammates were working on their touchdown dances with the "Discount Double Check" and a dance yet to be named, but we're sure it'll catch on.

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