Small Stars: Pee Wee Arizona Flames

“Who are we? Flames! What do we do? Win! What do we do? Win! Flames on three, 1,2,3 FLAMES!”

Meet the 2014 NYS eight and under Pee Wee Arizona Flames!

“I'm so proud of you guys”, Coach says to start practice. “I'm proud of every single one of you guys alright? Let's go ahead, let's jog to fence. Afterward you know where you line up.”

As the players jog off, they continue their team cheer, “Who are we? Flames... Who are we? Flames.”

Hey, coach has every right to be proud of these guys because they’re good! Really good! Just ask the quarterback of the team, Charles. “We’re better than last year”, Charles tells me. “Last year we wasn't undefeated, but this year we are going up to the Bandits.”

That’s right, the Flames take on the Bandits for the state championship in just two weeks. And like Kaleb says, that makes this season all the sweeter. “Good, that we made it to the championship.” Exactly!

And Kaleb has every right to be happy because he made a key block last week that got the Flames into the end zone. “I hit the dude”, Kaleb says, “Number 20 and then our quarterback ran it into the end zone.”

And then there’s the identical twins, same school, same teacher, same grades! “We're like good friends and he always helps me out”, Brian says.

But as you can imagine, brothers can sometimes get on each other’s nerves too. Just listen to what Brian tells us. “Sometimes he make me pretty mad, since I'm the youngest brother he teases me a lot.”

Come on now, how much younger can the youngest identical twin be? “By one minute”, Luis says!

One minute? Can’t get much closer in age than that!

Back to practice and today’s practice is a chance for the Flames to learn a few new plays, stay loose and get back to fundamentals. And like Isaiah tells us, there’s a simple reason for today’s practice, “It helps us get better in a game.”

Well said! But no matter how much coach tries to get the players to stay calm and not focus too much on the Bandits, well, heading into a championship game, there’s bound to be some smack talk. “They said they're the Kings of the League”, Charles says, “But I think we’re better because we got a bigger heart.”

I’ll pull for the team with heart, every time!

But Charles isn’t through, “All I think is we gonna score, I wanna make them fumble. I gonna make a whole bunch of tackles. That's it.”

Congratulations Arizona Flames, you’re this week’s Small Stars!

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