Small Stars: Hip Hop dancers at the Wagner Dance and Music studio in Gilbert

GILBERT, AZ - Things are heating up at the Wagner Dance and Music studio in Gilbert. 

Our crew caught up with a hip hop dancing class in the middle of summer but the heat wasn't slowing these kids down. In fact, it seemed like the hotter things got in class, the more the kids enjoyed it!

These Small Stars practiced, danced, made a few impromptu moves and had a lot of fun on the dance floor for close to an hour!

Eleven-year-old, Tony Baker and his classmates even worked on a new routine after spending time perfecting some moves they had learned a few classes ago.

For these Small Stars, dancing is just something they love to do.

Tony: "Should I look at you or the camera?" YOU CAN LOOK RIGHT AT ME TONY.

"Okay good, because I'm just making sure, cause you know, like "hand movement." Yeah, kind of like that.

It's time for some dancing with 11-year-old standout, Tony Baker.

Baker: "Well, I like to dance because it's fun and then I can get out my energy because I'm always kind of energetic. I should say, I'm not really hyper, but I just get out my energy that way."

From what we understand, Tony started hip hop back in 2007 and has had a number of hip hop influences, including a best friend (Armanto) who introduced him to a guy named Devon who I hear is just amazing.

Tony: "He was like 14, but he was crazy good at it, he was amazing, like amazing!  Like for dancing he's probably better than Mr. Jones, not even like, he could do everything . He could even do the one hop thing, like I'm not even kidding. He was amazing."

And dance is also a great way to go relieve a little stress and frustration.

"It's just fun, I mean, like, it's one of those things if I ever was shy or anything, I could just like, you know, like if I'm mad at the moment I can just do it and I'm like boo yeah, I'm not mad anymore."

Great job Tony and all the Kids at Wagner Dance and music in Gilbert. You're this week's Small Stars!

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