Small Stars: Crush take on Lightning at Pecos Park

It's time for some soccer at Pecos Park as the Crush take on the Lightning.

With the first half nearly complete, Skylar took the game into his own hands and fired a goal, but the Lightning goalie is there for the save.

"I think we're losing," Billy said after that shot but his mom reminded him that the game is tied.

The Crush come out strong in the second half. Patrick stole the ball and grabbed a goal to put the Crush up by one.

We had to talk to him about it, but the only thing he wanted to know was, "Why are you asking me these questions?"

So the Lightning mix things up by switching goalies, and put in Amajelly. She took her place on the field but couldn't get her jersey on. But that didn't matter; she stops a goal anyway.

The Crush get the win after a park official told the two teams to wrap up the game.

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