Fouhy's Small Stars: MMA Fighters

PHOENIX, AZ - When you’re young and you’re just learning how to do Karate and all those other self-defense techniques, sometimes the best part of practice is pretty basic. Just ask nine year old Bella what her favorite thing about MMA is. “Getting to see my coach every day”, Bella tells us.

Ahh.. that’s so sweet!

And when it comes to the basics, the one thing you absolutely need to learn first is, well, that’s pretty simple too. Bella says it’s all about protecting yourself. “He's taught me that if you're not keeping your hands up then you'll obviously get punched in the face and you don't want that to happen.”

That’s for sure! But I’m guessing you’ve probably had to learn that lesson the hard way. “Every now and then I'll get punched in the face but it's not like all the time.”

Ouch! So you’re telling me you guys don’t always play fair? “Sometimes we're like mean to each other”, Bella tells us. “But like, it's like friendly way.”

Oh, a friendly kind of mean? I get it, I grew up with four brothers!

Joining Bella is Michael, but Michael is still trying to figure out just exactly who old he is. “I'm nine, eight, nine actually.”

No matter! But Michael, we know that Bella’s favorite thing is about training is seeing here coach every day, but what’s your favorite thing about MMA? “My favorite part is doing the kicking the gut, uh the bags and going around the circle while doing it”, Michael says quietly.

So why do you like it so much? “I like doing it because you can train to protect yourself and learn how to fight and how to protect yourself.”

Hey, you said protect yourself twice! You must really like that part! So what is coach teaching you now?

“He teaches us how to punch and jab”, Michael responds.

I see, but how often do you train? Are there things you have to do outside of the gym as well? “Before we sleep we have to do ten push-ups and ten push-ups in the morning and night”, Michael tells me.

Wow! Ten push-ups twice a day, I’m not sure I could keep up with that one!

And then there’s this guy! “Remington.”

Wow, no hesitation there! You’re not bashful at all Remington! So like Michael and Bella, we wanted to know what three year old Remington likes best about MMA? “That's my favorite part.” So what’s your favorite part? “Punch and Kick.”

Clearly punching and kicking is fun!

Congratulations to the kids at Impact MMA in Scottsdale, you’re this week’s Small Stars!

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