Fouhy's Small Stars: Boy's and Girl's Club of Phoenix

PHOENIX, AZ - Welcome to the IG Homes Branch of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Metro Phoenix, where the kids are taking part in a basketball camp put on by a pretty famous person.

“Um, someone from my favorite team, the Phoenix Suns, but I don’t know his name,” Zyriya tells us.

No worries Zyriya, we’ll just ask Angel if he knows who this guy is? “PJ Tucker's here visiting our Boys and Girls Club, IG Homes,” Angle says. “And they donated $9,000 dollars to us, and that's pretty fun. And we probably get new basketball courts and new nets and that's pretty fun.”

That’s right! Suns Forward, “P-J-G-Tucker”, according to Zyriya. PJ grew up in Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs so he wanted to give back to the kids here in Phoenix and according to Zyriya, there’s a lot going on today:  “We're doing our own like, our own rebound so, we shoot the ball on our team, if we get first ten, we shout out each number we get, so, like what they're doing, so, and if whoever gets to number 10 wins.”

According to 12-year-old Angel (who by the way just happens to be an “A” and “B” student) what makes it even more special is finally meeting one of his idols.

“It's pretty neat because this is my first time meeting PJ Tucker.”

Nine year old Zyriya has two simple words to describe the action this afternoon, “It’s awesome!”

And hey, anytime you’re on a basketball court, well, I just had to ask: “You going to dunk a basketball Angel?” “Possibly”, he responds.

Congratulations to the kids at the IG Homes Branch of the Metro Phoenix Boy’s and Girl’s Club, you’re this week’s Small Stars.

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