What is Rally for Red?
Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States. With the staggering statistic that about one person dies every minute from a coronary, we knew we had to take action.

Rally for Red is about everyone in the community who has a loved one in their life that may be at risk. Heart disease is color blind -- it does not have an age or ethnic requirement.

With heart healthy monthly reminders, ABC15 and our partners at the Mayo Clinic are determined to let viewers know that they can do their part to prevent heart disease with simple steps, like healthy eating and exercise.

Rally for Red is a community movement that starts the 15th of every month! Help us as we strive to make Arizona a better place.

Mayo Clinic is proud to partner with ABC15 to encourage heart-healthier living in the Southwest. Our Rally for Red initiative advances the understanding of a preventive approach to cardiac health and enlightening patients of the specialized care with cutting-edge technology and innovation available to our patients.



Rally for Red supports the mission of  The American Heart Association and ABC15 is a proud media sponsor of the Greater Phoenix Goes Red movement.

Go Red and Go Red for Women are trademarks of AHA. The Red Dress Design is a trademark of U.S. DHHS.