VIDEO: California road rage caught on camera

SAN DIEGO - An argument caught on camera between two drivers in California is going viral.

Tom Parise posted to YouTube the video that his dash and back window cameras captured Friday while he was driving down Ingraham Street.  

The video shows Parise's vehicle and a black Ford truck traveling north. All seems normal until Parise tries to change lanes and get in front of the truck.

"All of a sudden, he comes right up to my bumper and slams on his horn and slams on his brakes and then we kept going and I was like, 'OK, I think that's all he's going to do," Parise told 10News.

Parise has two cameras mounted in his car: one on the front, the other on his back window.

He told 10News it is for insurance purposes. This was the first time the cameras had ever captured anything like this.

As the two cars continued down Ingraham, the video shows the driver of the black Ford truck start throwing coins at Praise's car.

Then the passenger, a woman, gets out of the truck. She walks up to the back of Parise's car and takes a picture of his license plate before walking up to Parise's window. That is when the shouting match begins.  

"She stood in the middle of the street screaming obscenities," said Parise. "I was attacked from the moment she walked up."

10News tried to speak with the owner of the truck but no one was home. 10News asked Parise if he felt like he did anything wrong or anything to provoke the woman's reaction.

"No, I had plenty of room to get in front of him," he said. "It's not like I drove them off the road. They just went bonkers."

Police have not contacted Parise and did not go to them. Instead, he went home and posted the video on YouTube, hoping it would show other drivers what not to do.

"Because the next time, they could hurt someone or they could themselves get hurt," he said. "There's no need for that."

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