Valley woman saves injured dog on busy roadway, now searching for its owner

A Valley woman says a detour Friday night landed her in a unique situation. One that she says happened in the right place at the right time.
Around 6:45 p.m., Liza Love noticed an animal being hit by several cars on Camelback Road and 67th Avenue. She watched in her rearview mirror and noticed that no one was stopping to help.
She flipped a U-turn and quickly realized the animal was a five-pound Chihuahua. Thinking it was about to die, Liza quickly drove it to a nearby animal hospital. Luckily it survived with only a few scratches, but without a microchip or collar, she can't find its owner.  

While she waits, Liza says she's enjoying her time with her "October miracle."
"I've been in a lot of positions in my life where it would've been awesome to have somebody step in," she says. "Just a year ago I was assaulted and it's a really hard recovery and I couldn't imagine being in that position and having no one to step in to help you."
Liza says she's not allowed to keep the dog, but will care for it until she can find its owner, or another family to adopt her.  
If you recognize the dog, or know a family who would be interested in adopting it, you can contact Liza at
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