Valley mom needs your help to light White House gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness

PHOENIX - From Katie Couric and Katie Perry to a special song written by Taylor Swift, Ronan Thompson and his fight against cancer has encapsulated so many hearts since he lost his battle nearly two years ago. Now, his mom, Maya Thompson, is on a new mission, petitioning the most powerful man in the world.

"To turn the white house gold. Gold is the color for Childhood Cancer Awareness and September is the month of childhood cancer awareness," Maya says. "Awareness equals funding and funding equals research and research equals cures ... which is what these kids need."

Maya explains Childhood Cancer is the least funded out of all of the cancers. If Maya's petition gets 10,000 more signatures in the next 15 days, the White House has to answer the petitioner with a solid yes or no.

Sign the petition here

"I know it would make Ronan so proud and very happy and would mean the world to me. I will sit here on my knees and beg for people to sign this petition," Maya says.

It's the kind of determination from a parent who, somehow, has lived through the overwhelming pain of losing a child. Maya's hope: that someday no one ever experiences that again.

"We lost Ronan to Childhood Cancer, but this isn't just about him, it's about these 46 kids every single day that are diagnosed with cancer and the 7 of them that will die everyday because of it," she explains.

Maya just found out the White House is now requiring 100,000 signatures for future petitions. So, she's praying her petition will reach the current 25,000 signature requirement by February 6th.


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