Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson talk 'Bachelor', what's next in relationship

PHOENIX - Perhaps one of the most controversial Valley contestants ever on "The Bachelor" is Courtney Robertson, who won Ben Flajnik's heart in Season 16.

Now, ABC15 is hearing from both of them about life after the show.


Pick up the tabloids and you'll read the latest scoop on "The Bachelor" contestants. 

The articles promise shocking secrets, details on the "I Do" and scandals surrounding mystery women.

"They have courage when they're typing things behind the computer," said Flajnik.

If anyone understands the frustration of untrue rumors and biased bullying, it's Flajnik and Robertson.

"Yeah, I got a villian edit," Robertson said.

Seven months and one breakup and makeup later, Robertson shows off a sparkling engagement ring given to her by Flajnik on the show.

"We're still engaged!" they announced.

But don't expect wedding bells anytime soon.

"No, no wedding date set. I think we're still working on our relationship and getting to know each other," said Flajnik.

They call it "engaged dating."

"Sometimes we slip and say boyfriend and girlfriend and then we're like no, no, no, no, we're actually engaged," Flajnik laughed.

While the couple tries to stay out of the spotlight, the pressure of filming and controversial aftermath is still very real.

"I have nightmares about being on the show. Bachelor nightmares. Everybody has them. You have a dream and you're taping and filming," Robertson said.

She and Ben don't live in the same city and don't have plans to move, but they say it works even though the odds are against them. 

"If you think that way, then it's destined to fail," Robertson said.

"You don't really know this person. So, take it day by day and don't force it. We don't force it," Flajnik said.

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