Who comes out on top after SB 1062 veto? Both sides weigh in

PHOENIX - SB 1062 opponent Michael Ryan is cautiously optimistic after Governor Jan Brewer’s decision to veto SB 1062. The Phoenix lawyer has represented a number of LGBT clients regarding cases of harassment.

“There is a broader political base out there than that reflected by our legislature that does not wish to see this nonsense move forward,” Ryan said.

But State Senator Al Melvin, R-Tuscon, who voted in support of the bill, says “people caved in over a freedom bill.”

He claims this speaks to a larger issue of what he calls the “pillars” of society being under attack.

“Traditional marriage is under attack…traditional families are (too),” Melvin said. “Mainstream conventional society has been under attack for a long time.”

And while last night’s celebration at the Capitol may indicate a victory for one side, Ryan feels there’s still more work to do.

“If the legislature tomorrow passed a statute saying it was OK for same sex-couples to get married…now that would be a game changer,” Ryan said.

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