VIDEO: What to do when a dust storm hits you

An unseasonably early dust storm rolled into the Valley Tuesday, bringing dangerous driving conditions for area drivers.

Drivers and travelers are encouraged to delay any travel plans because of the conditions this dust storm is causing, the Arizona Department of Transportation says.

What should drivers do in case of a dust storm? Here are some tips from ADOT on dust storm driving safety:

1.       First, avoid driving in a storm in the first place by keeping an eye on weather reports.

2.       Pull off the road as soon as you can, and try your best to actually exit the highway.

3.       When you first hit the dust clouds, look out for traffic around your car and start to slow down.

4.       Don’t stop on the highway or roadway – pull completely off the road.

5.       Turn off all lights and don’t use your emergency flashers.

6.       Set your car’s emergency brake and take your foot off the brake.

7.       Stay in the car, seatbelt fastened, until the storm passes.

ADOT says the number one way to prevent crashes is for drivers to be alert and drive safely. 

Watch the interview with ABC15 in the attached video player right now.

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