Valley residents react to Tesla announcement of potential Arizona plant

Tesla announced Wednesday major expansion plans as the electric car company looks to build a new factory in either Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Texas.

It could take up between 500 and 1,000 acres and produce about 500,000 cars per year, Tesla said.

What has most in the Valley excited is the prospect of 6,500 new jobs.

"If you don't have jobs, we can't stimulate the economy," said Travis Wright who has followed Tesla’s growing business online. 

His wife previously worked at a factory in the Valley and has seen the immediate economic impact that comes with a new plant, beyond the jobs created inside factory walls.

"We’re going to have infrastructure growth, we're going to have retail growth, those employees are going to want to spend money, so our community grows." Wright said.

Kevin Weil has only owned his Tesla for two months and already loves everything about it.

"This is like an iPad on wheels," Weil said.

Weil believes the Tesla model is the future of driving and a factory in Arizona would speed the momentum and also help drop the price of the cars as Tesla becomes a more mainstreamed brand.

"They could be a real big car manufacturer and could have a lot more cars on the roads," Weil said.

The electric car maker's current model, the Tesla S, has a starting price of $69,000 and can go more than 200 miles between charges.

The massive factory is expected to produce more lithium ion batteries annually by 2020 than were produced worldwide in 2013. Those batteries, and the reduction in their cost, are vital to Tesla's ability to produce a cheaper car.

The company hasn’t said when it will choose the state it wants to build in or a timeline for construction.

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