Valley community reacts to news CPS ignored 6,000 child abuse cases

PHOENIX - People who help the kids taken into Child Protective Services custody say they're furious by the news that 6,000 cases were ignored.

"Who knows what's going on in these homes right now. I think it's tragic," Chris Scarpati said.

Scarpati is the CEO of the Child Crisis Center, a non-profit in the Valley that takes in kids taken out of their homes by CPS. When she heard that 6,000 cases were not investigated she was heartbroken.

"What if another child was left in dire circumstances again? Are we going to have another child that we read about in the paper that died that CPS either knew about or should have known about," she said.

"Every child counts, and if one child died because workers decided not to classify that as important, that's just wrong. That breaks my heart," Patty Waldrup said.

Waldrup is a foster mom who said she's reached out to the call center under fire, and she never heard back.

"It's very frustrating," she said.

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