Deadline looming for Governor Jan Brewer to act on President Barack Obama's health care act

PHOENIX, AZ - Less than 48 hours remain for Governor Jan Brewer to notify the feds about Arizona's plans for implementing the president's health care law .

ABC15 has learned if Brewer opts for a state-run system, the Goldwater Institute may sue.

And as Brewer decides how to implement the first part of the president's health care law, she has people for and against trying to bend her ear.

"I've been briefed and briefed," admitted Brewer.

Pete Wertheim with the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association hopes the governor opts for a state-run health insurance exchange as opposed to one run by the federal government.

"We believe we can do a better job than the federal government implementing health care policies that meet the needs of Arizona," said Wertheim.

An exchange is essentially a one-stop online shop for people to use when determining their health insurance options.

Christina Sandefur with the Goldwater Institute tells ABC15 if Brewer chooses a state-run program and the legislature approves funding for it, they'll likely sue.

"Why should we commit ourselves to doing Washington's dirty work when we don't even know what's required of us," asked Sandefur.

Sandefur says if Arizona implements an exchange, the chances for full implementation of the entire affordable care act go up and she doesn't want to see that happen.

"Right now the law's fate is still undecided," said Sandefur. "We had a disappointing decision from the Supreme Court this summer but the fight is far from over."

The exchange program is just the first decision Governor Brewer will have to make as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.

She'll also have to figure out what to do with Medicaid and other programs.

The deadline to make those decisions is quickly approaching as well.

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